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Visualize the Future of Your Consulting Business

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If you thought about expanding your business to create more wealth and add new clients, why not start manifesting it through the power of visualization.


Visualizing how your business is functioning into the future.  Write down the details in your journal.  Here are some ideas:


Qualifications or Education

  • Will you be more educated or add new certifications, if so, what will your revised title be?
  • Do you see your certificate?
  • Will you display the certificate on the wall?
  • Will you add it to show off on your website?


  • How much income per month will you be making?
  • Picture the payments come through your payment system, whether it’s PayPal or a merchant account.


  • How many clients are you working with per week?

Create Course Content

  • Will you create a course? What kind?
  • Start visualizing the courses, how are you teaching them, live or is it recorded?

New Hire

  • Will you have a team member, like a virtual assistant to help with administrative tasks? What will you be delegating to this person?
  • Will you add a marketing person?


Now that you thought about the future of your business and your offers, let’s go outside, maybe in your backyard, deck, or porch.


  1. Picture it – Close your eyes and picture it in your mind that the future is right now!
  1. Feel it – How does it feel? It’s so important to feel the emotions as part of your visualization practice. Feeling as if it’s happening now is part of having a strong visualization moment. Experience the feelings with all your senses.
  1. Affirmations – Create affirmations on each of your new vision. For example, with money affirmations, don’t limit yourself with income sources. Say for example, “money comes not just from my business but from everywhere”. Or “opportunities are everywhere”.

By the way, years ago, when I was visualizing my sales goals, I cut out pictures of what I desired. During that time, I desired a brand-new car. I had a sales journal that I used for writing notes about clients and prospects and in that journal, I had pictures of quotes, pictures I liked and cut out, and of course that car.


Affirmations that I said to myself, was, “I will meet or exceed my sales quota this month”.  “I am the best salesperson”. Each month, I exceeded my sales quota and became the top 50 salesperson of the year for the company.


I didn’t realize back then that I was already using the Law of Attraction.  I hadn’t heard of it before until I watched and read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.


Your mind is very powerful and what you think about most often is what you are attracting. So, if you want to expand your business, start visualizing it and it will come true!


Here’s a excerpt from the movie, The Secret below:

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