How to Get Mental Clarity and Transform Your Thoughts

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Are you overthinking things? Is your overworked mind spinning in a spiral of confusion?


Your mind needs to calm down so you can get clear of your thoughts…. to get clarity.  But what is clarity? Clarity is getting a clear understanding of “what is” or making something that is easy to understand.


Many years ago, when I was in jewelry sales, I had to learn about diamonds. I took a course that took months to complete and passed a test to become a Certified Diamontologist.  You’re probably wondering why this article on clarity is now mentioning diamonds?  Let me explain.  The reason I mention diamonds is because I want to share how diamonds are formed and what they contain and how I compare it to clarity. 


It took millions of years for a diamond to form, and it’s mostly made of carbon.  When miners mine the diamonds, they are not clear in color or in clarity.  When people shop for diamonds, most good salespeople will explain to the customer what to look for in a good diamond to give to your loved one.  They are called the 4 C’s. Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat.


Clarity. This is the word I will focus on.  As I mentioned it takes millions of years for diamonds to form. Since diamonds were formed under many levels of the earth’s crust, diamonds can contain blemishes and inclusions. Inclusions are small imperfections in a diamond.  The skilled diamond cutter knows that he must carefully examine the raw diamond and removes or cut around the inclusions he sees, reshape it with facets and polish it. The finish product is a beautiful diamond piece that has fire and brilliance.


In comparison to the diamond cutter that’s exactly what we are doing, when getting clarity. We must remove these “inclusions” that’s upon us. We must examine our mind and go within our soul, for our brilliance to shine.


Now speaking of your mind… you were born an innocent, a cute little baby.  As you grew into adulthood your life was filled with many experiences.  At times you had emotional ups and downs, felt happiness, hurt feelings, disappointments, and beliefs.  You may have had issues when you were growing up, in school or maybe at work. These painful negative experiences sometimes becomes an “emotional stain” or  in your psyche and maybe in your heart.


If you have not resolved some of the past issues, it may block your ability from moving forward to reach a goal.  It could be any goal, whether it’s personal or business.  These issues or conflicts that resonate today in your mind are examples of what I call inclusions.  You need to go within and sort these out.


Just exactly how do you sort these out and how do you get clarity? It starts with your thoughts and emotions. Two very powerful things that only you possess.  No one can do this for you, just like no one else is doing your physical exercise for you to get fit. You will need to do the clarity part.


The best way to begin to get mental clarity is to stop mentally overthinking things right now. Instead, write down everything that is going thru your mind. Write it in a notebook or use your journal and let it go. Go at it, write down everything you are feeling and thinking. If swearing helps when you write, the included those bad words, get it out of your system since no one will see your notebook, only you know what you wrote down.


Answer any (or all) of the questions that you can relate to below and write down as much details as possible in your notebook, whether it’s for your business, your personal life or both. Write it down.


– What is going on right now?

–  What are you confused about?

–  Are you mad at someone and why?

–  Are you remembering something from your past?

–  Are you going through anxiety? (Separation anxiety, anxious about the future)

–  Are you feeling conflicted about making a choice?

–  What are you fearful of?

–  If you’re in business, what are you conflicted about?


Now that you’ve written your thoughts on paper, put your pen down and put your notebook away and go for a walk, listen to music, meditate, or pray.  LET IT GO! Take a break.  During this “break” be mindful of your thoughts.  Don’t cut yourself down or blame you or anyone for anything. Instead try to focus on your breath and move on and do not dwell on your thoughts. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly, do this a few times and focus on your breathing. You might also be interested in reading How Nature Helps Relieve Stress.


After a day (or two) has passed, look at your notes. Do you have a different perspective on it? Ask yourself, did any of the fears you had come true?


Sometimes we need to just sit back, breathe deeply and a solution may come into our mind.  Other times, you may need to talk to someone that can help you sort things out. You might just need a little guidance right now and it’s quite alright, we all do at some point in our life.  If you can use my help with this, let me know or email me a quick message.


I hope this small tip about sorting your thoughts and writing it in your notebook helped with getting clarity, if not, then let me ask you, are you ready to shine and transform your spirit?  Book a free call with me to start having a brighter, happier, and peaceful future.

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