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How to Expand Your Local Business Online

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Are you an expert or have a specialized skill? Do you have a thriving business and have current clients locally in your neck of the woods? Perhaps you’ve been in business for yourself for many years and have been contemplating on how you can get more business by going beyond your local community? You have ideas that run in your mind for many months now and just don’t know where to go or who to talk to about this?


Start by scheduling a time to think about this. Grab a notebook or journal and sit by the lake, ocean or in nature and begin writing the new ideas of your online business.


  • Will you offer new services online?
  • Will you offer the same services, except now it’s online?
  • Or will you offer both, your current services plus new ideas?


Being online means you’ll need to use digital tools or apps. You’ll need to have at least a website, a domain name, a hosting service and if you’re already using social media, we’ll need to use those too!


But don’t worry about this technology part right now, we can talk about this later. Instead, just focus on your new business adventure, by starting with the 3 bullet points above.


When you’re done with what your future online business can look like for you, talk to an expert person, perhaps a business mentor or a coach.


I started my business online in 2014 and with my experience with building websites, managed social media, sales funnels, graphic design, and virtual events, along with my digital marketing strategy and coaching certifications I’m uniquely qualified to assist you in many ways.


I’m able to guide you, no matter where you’re located, how awesome is this?


I vibrate at a soulful and spiritual level, working only with people with integrity, who are serious about upscaling their business into the digital world, without sacrificing your mission, your soul and your life’s purpose. We’ll collaborate to put together a strategy for your business growth.  I’ll be with you every step of this journey and hold hands if necessary.


However, if you’re new to the online world, people may not know you just yet. We need to create the trust and like factor.

How to build trust online ebookSo, here’s a quick guide that includes simple ideas to start with. Click on the image or the link below to start reading the ebook instantly! 


Or Scan the QR code below!

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