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How to Build Stronger Boundaries

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Boundaries are crucial If you want to have healthy relationships in life. However, setting and sticking to boundaries is a skill that can be difficult for some people to master. You can do this, with practice and a few tips.


When you set healthy boundaries, it means you understand and know what your limits are. It helps improve relationships, you become happier and better fulfill your needs. The question is, how can you build better, stronger, boundaries if it isn’t a skill that comes easy to you? I understand this completely. I used to not have boundaries and at times I would get stressed and feel overwhelmed!  So, here are some tips to try and follow.


Set Your Limits

It will be difficult to set boundaries if you don’t know what they are. Go within and meditate daily for a few minutes each day.  Read how you can meditate in just 5 minutes a day. Write down what comes to mind. Each of us has different limits we are willing to accept. So, start by writing down your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional limits.


Think about what makes you feel stressed and uncomfortable. What are you willing to tolerate and what things are not OK with you? Once you have a list of your limits, you’ll have a better idea of the type of boundaries you need to set.

Say No Without Giving a Reason

A great tip for setting better boundaries is to start saying no without providing a reason. Have you noticed that when you want to say no to something, you feel like you need to give an excuse? Don’t!  Often, this leads us to make up an excuse, leaving us feeling guilty afterwards for lying.


Learning to say no without giving a reason is much healthier. You don’t owe anybody an explanation for not wanting to do or accept something. This may be a tough tip to follow, but you’ll be surprised how free you feel when you start saying no without explanation.

It’s OK to Give Yourself Permission

Are you worried about the other person’s response? The main things that set us back from creating boundaries are self-doubt, fear, and guilt.  Or maybe you feel like you should be able to cope with doing certain things, so don’t feel comfortable saying no.


Please give yourself permission to set boundaries. Realize that setting boundaries is healthy. Not only do boundaries contribute towards better relationships with others, but they also build up your self-worth too.

Step Back or Away from Toxic Relationships

Are you in a toxic relationship of some kind? Whether it’s an unhealthy relationship with our friends or family, stepping back is one of the best ways to build up boundaries.


If a relationship is no longer serving you, taking a step back is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. It is never selfish or cruel to put yourself first and getting out of a toxic relationship. If anything, it is necessary for your happiness and wellbeing.


About 18 years ago, I started to realize that I was in a toxic relationship with a best friend. Her and I were best friends for over 25 years. At around the last 10 year mark, it seemed that our relationship was not as good. Sometimes, she just complains about life and it seems take her frustrations out on me. At that time, I was already working on myself, because I of spirituality, meditations, going within and learning more about who I am, what my purpose was.  The more I “let go”, during my meditation, the more I started opening up to my inner power. Going from within myself, I had to just leave this relationship. I missed her at first… but it was for the better.


There were many signs that led up to our relationship becoming further apart and toxic. This friendship had served its purpose to us, or rather to me. I finally let go and it was a relief to let go. Sometimes, we just have to move on. Like they say, don’t look back, but move forward in your life.


Once you have firm boundaries in place, your life will be much happier. You will start to feel more empowered and in control of your life. It’s a bold move, I know. But you can do it, you can become stronger.  It isn’t just your right to make choices that best serve you, it is also a necessity.


As a business owner, setting boundaries is so important since it helps with your relationships and stress levels. If you need help with setting boundaries, let’s talk about this and schedule a free chat with me here.

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