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You relate to these statements, right?

  • You’re already an expert in your field, but not sure how to move it online.
  • You’re a life-long learner always willing to learn more and up for the challenge.
  • You know you can help more people if only you knew how to better use your time by having systems in place.

If so, then book a free discovery session with me and I can help you get to where you want to be. 

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  • Tap into your vibrant energy to showcase your expertise and attract amazing clients as a highly sought-after professional in your field.
  • Release any fears, self-doubt and the limiting beliefs.
  • Failure to create the proper business systems is the #1 reason most online businesses struggle and fail. 
  • Plan a smart strategy and have the proper systems that saves time.  
Don’t waste time trying to figure this out by yourself, you can have an expert guide by your side!



The Trilogy System is a customized one-to-one coaching and mentoring program developed exclusively for your unique business.  

The Trilogy Steps

  • The first step is to have clarity and alignment. 
  • We’ll create a plan that will transform your business that aligns with your vision and message.
  • Have an  impactful online presence that speaks to your audience directly.
  • Step two is to systemize and create a digital marketing strategy.
  • Take necessary  steps to support you to get recognized as a credible expert in your field.
  • Join up all your systems  and automate them, so you get paid without lifting a finger.
  • Lastly, we scale and have wealth consciousness.  
  • Create free offers with sales funnels, SEO and keywords to attract new prospects.
  • Make it repeatable, profitable and scalable business that attract a stream of ideal clients. 

It’s High Time You Show Up Online and Introduce Yourself to the World

Imagine having more freedom to work from anywhere, whether it’s your home, or on the beach.  This positions you as the expert in your industry. Imagine reaching more people globally because your business has transitioned online. 


Transform your practice and use your gifts and skills to help others globally. You’ll have an experienced, knowledgeable guide and accountability partner to expertly assist you, with each step, you can totally do this!


All you need is your computer or laptop, high speed internet access and a hand holding expert  to walk you through, with a high-touch approach every step of the way.   

The Best Time to Start is Today!


Do you just need a strategy or marketing plan? This 90-minute session  includes one follow up email.  Take notes during this meeting.

  • Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Planning
  • 1 week support via Email


My approach is high-touch and customized to your unique business needs. It includes: 


  • Unlimited Email
  • 1 Weekly 60-minute sessions
  • Access to bonus materials


Pay-as-you-go for continuous coaching sessions or customize to your needs.

  • Recorded
  • 60-minute session
  • Weekly or monthly 

Hi, I’m Lourdes — Business Mentor & Success Coach.  I’m passionate about helping spiritual advisors, practitioners with technology so we can spotlight your personal unique brand online! I create simple solutions that turn even the most complex ideas into easy to follow steps.


My mission is to help transition your business digitally and strategically so you can attract prospects beyond your local community and enjoy freedom to spend time with your friends, family and enrich your life.  Find out more about me here.


Let’s Rock Your Online Business Successfully!
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