7 Sunday Routines for a More Organized Life

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Practicing Sunday habits will allow you to have a routine that helps you prepare for your week ahead, declutter and organize, and be ready for the week to start.


This is where the Sunday reset comes in. Sundays are perfect if you work Monday-Friday, but this applies to whichever day you start your week, whether it’s Tuesday or before your own work week starts. If you want to have a more organized life, it all starts with how you prepare for the week.


#1 Review Your Week

Start your Sunday by reviewing your week and going through the tasks and what’s on your to-do list. Smaller tasks can still be completed on Sunday, while others might need to be rescheduled and moved to another day.

It’s a good habit to get into because you start to develop a system of putting items on your to-do list, scheduling tasks, and understanding how much you can realistically get done each week. Before too long, it will be so habitual you don’t even have to think about it.


#2 Prepare for the Upcoming Week

Once you have reviewed your week, you can then move on to preparing for the upcoming week. In addition to moving tasks over from the previous week to the upcoming week, you can also create other to-do lists based on what needs to get done.

Start with the priorities you have, so first your work schedule, then followed by any obligations like appointments and meetings. After that, you can start filling in your free time with self-care, items from your to-do list, errands, and social outings.


#3 Meal Plan and Grocery Shop

Start your meal planning for the upcoming week on Sunday and shop for your groceries. Do this before the week starts so that come Monday morning, you aren’t stressing and panicking not knowing what to do about meals that evening or for the week. It helps you to stick to a budget and know what meat should be left out the night before, or what prep work should be done before your work week begins.


#4 Organize Your Office

If you have a home office or workspace in your home, this is also a good habit to add to your Sunday reset routine. You will likely be doing all of these tasks in this area, so take a few minutes to tidy up your desk, take out the trash, go through any mail sitting on your desk, and do whatever organizing needs to be done. And if you have plants, water and trim off any brown or dried up foliage.


#5 Sort Through Your Mail

If you haven’t done so already, Sunday is the ideal time to go through your mail. Don’t let it sit until the week begins, otherwise you will probably be too busy with work and personal obligations to get it done. You might have a mail system where you go through it each day when you collect it from the mailbox, but if you have bills to pay or paperwork to be filed, now is the time to do it.


#6 Organize and Go Thru Digital Files

Your digital files should also be organized on a regular basis. You may not need to do this every single weekend, but if you work on your home computer a lot, your Sunday reset routine is a good time to fit it in. Go through your trash bin and empty it, organize any folders that got cluttered during the week, go through your emails and read or trash the ones you don’t want. Back up your hard drive if you need to.

If you have a few extra minutes, take some time unsubscribing from email providers you have no interest in at this time. That will save you time in the future from having to delete emails you were never going to open anyway.


#7 Your Budget Review Money Spent

Lastly, don’t forget organization is not just about your home, but other areas of your life. One area of your life where a Sunday routine comes in handy is your budget. Take this time to review money you spent and earned in the week previously, and work on a budget for the upcoming week. While you might also do this monthly or with each paycheck, it is also good to review it and make adjustments week-by-week.

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