Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

The answers you seek are already within you.

“Walk into your sacred path and experience inner peace.”

Welcome to a new journey of self discovery to your inner spirit, your light and wholeness.  I approach our time together from a holistic perspective, using all the elements of your individuality.  We’ll tap into unforeseen resources with my unique techniques and mindful awareness to your sacred path and find peace within.

Intuitive Readings: My intuitive readings are designed to offer insight and guidance to those seeking answers. Using my intuitive abilities, I connect with the energies and messages of the ancient ancestors, spirit guides, and other spiritual beings to offer clarity and direction on your life path. During the reading, I will provide you with guidance and tools to help you navigate any challenges you may be facing and support you to make positive changes in your life.


Remote Healing Sessions:  The healing sessions are weaved with restoring balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. I infuse healing sessions by merging Reiki, shamanic practices such as energy healing, ancestral and intuitive metaphysical techniques to help you achieve holistic well-being. This helps release any blockages or negative energies and invite healing and transformation. 

I’ve been an energy and spiritual practitioner for over 25 years using my abilities to heal and for guidance. I infuse metaphysical methods for energy healing and intuitive sessions using shamanic, Reiki, ancestral techniques to bring holistic harmony to your mind, body, spirit, emotional well-being, and ego.

Experience the Energies

woman with spirituality

Healing energy and guidance from ancestral spirit wisdom.

Infused love and peace into your astral energy fields.

Connect with wholeness and Oneness and feel joy.

Lourdes helped me with uncovering of my past and how it affects my life today, she is grounded and spiritually intuitive way. She helped me recognize that my behavior today, towards my wife was really a reaction to my relationship with my father. She has this unique ability to help uncover these hidden feelings and experiences I never thought about. I appreciate all the valuable information and results experienced so far!
Jondon B.
Healthcare Worker
I've been divorced twice and had difficulty with many more relationships trying to find the right partner. With Lourdes’ help I discovered my self-worth and confidence. I learned to value myself first, live my life without any expectations. Eventually, a new friendship and love came a this man is my soul's partner. I’ve been married now for over 13 years.
Jane H.
Exec. Asst.
Her insights and the way she makes me think and, well I feel like I have been enlightened in such a way that I feel good and stronger. This is something that I was looking for in a coach. I walk away with new perspective and feel empowered every time.
Sapphire W.
Mom and Entrepreneur
"I wanted to learn how to use breathing to calm myself and reduce stress. Lourdes was patient and explained different breathing techniques. She answered all my questions, and we practiced on each of the weekly Zoom calls. Each session was followed up with a pdf and a video for me to refer to with that week’s breathing technique. Not only did Lourdes provide great value but helping me to understand how breathing affects our entire system was priceless."
Jan. W.
Wellness Tech. Consultant
"In 2022, I suffered a total breakdown from abuse by a former narcissistic Virtual Assistant. Lourdes not only reminded me of the value of my health, both physical and emotional, but she welcomed me into her breathing class. I worked with Lourdes 1-on-1 to become familiar with special breathing techniques so I could quiet my mind and find peace, calm and even energy. We worked on 3 special breathing types that were dedicated to helping with energy, relaxation and sleep. Lourdes even went the extra mile and helped me reflect on some issues that were really holding me back and affirming it is not my place to worry about others. She has been a good friend and a key contributor to my healing in 2022. And while the journey still continues, I feel safe knowing she has my back and I can highly recommend her with a full heart to anybody needing to get out of a rut and back into the game of life."
Mark H.
Web Dev.

Hi, my name is Lourdes.

With my spiritual background, I combine my life-long experiences, intuitive abilities while using a variety of metaphysical methods in ancestral, shamanic, and Reiki energy that illuminates your  soul’s journey with a clear path to love and peace. 

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