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Personal Growth and Development

Do you feel conflicted, in need of direction with healing and emotional stability?

You’re not comfortable talking about what you’re going through right now because

you don’t want to be judged. 

Are you experiencing?
  • Lack confidence
  • Feel “stuck” 
  • Trauma at some point in your life
  • Death of a loved one
  • Dysfunctional homelife
Or, you’re in the middle of a…
  • Loss of identity or your life purpose
  •  An empty nester
  • New relationship or leaving a relationship / Divorce
  • Recent move / relocation / new job

I know and understand what’s it like because I’ve been there.  

My own personal growth was super challenging! My life was a series of decades of disappointments, failures, ups and downs, depression, waiting for approvals from others, afraid of being judged, “inner child” issues, and not able to speak up for myself.  If you’re going through life challenges right now, it’s time to heal and thrive.

A Coach Sees from Unique Perspectives

If you watch any sports, you probably seen professional athletes go to the sideline and get advice with the next game play with their coach. From the sideline,  a coach can see how the opponents from the other team are challenging you.  The coach can then create a quick change so your team can win.


Individual professional athletes also hire their own coach to improve their performance, their mindset and their game.  For example, Michael Jordan and most professional golf players. Also, if you ever watched “The Voice” on television, you see how famous celebrities coach their singers to win on that show. 


Even some professional speakers on stage, have a coach. They teach them how to stand, move on the stage, how to move their hands, make eye contact to relate to the audience and so on.

Get Coached and Move On

There are times in our life that we get challenged. It makes us feel stuck and sometimes we just need a little advice.  As your coach, I listen attentively and work closely with you in a safe, confidential environment.   Life has obstacles that sometimes challenges us and that’s when you and I create a “game plan”.  

Start Feeling Great and Refreshed

As a trained, certified  life coach, I listen and help you move forward and get you to where you would like to go. To help you with the challenges and work through them quickly. I don’t tell you what to do but instead we work in a co-creative relationship. 

I use my knowledge, experience and life coach training to help with your transformational journey.  Start a new beginning in the next chapter of your life. 

It’s Time to Heal and Thrive 
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How Do We Connect?

I offer virtual-based coaching so wherever you are, we can connect:


Zoom – showing your face on camera is an option

Skype – showing your face is up to you

Phone – If you live in the US


Get faster results  working with a coach in the next chapter of your life!  

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Together in a co-creative coaching relationship, we remove negative blockages, and begin to live your life with a transformation that starts with a soul-shifting change and embrace the higher power within you.



My mission is to help with your metamorphosis for any part of your life.  Move forward, discover breakthroughs without sacrificing your soul’s purpose.  Start feeling great, you deserve it. 

About Lourdes


Hi, I’m a heart-centered Certified Life Coach with experience as a business mentor.  With my spiritual background, I combine my coaching experience, along with life and business ownership to help incredible women like you with personal development.   

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